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Tomtom Blend

Tomtom Blend
Tomtom Blend
Tomtom Blend

Karabatak Beautiful Blends Coffees;

It is roasted on order

It is rested for 5 days after it is roasted

Order delivery time is 1 week

It is recommended that our coffees be consumed within 45 days

The Tomtom Blend was created from South American and African beans. Prepared by roasting medium using 100% arabica beans.

Beans                   :             

Roast level 1-6      :  

Acidity                  :


Body                      : 

Crema                    Balanced

Aroma                   :  Balanced acidity, Full Body

Flavor                    :  Tropical Fruity, Bitter Caramel, Smoky touch.


Cuba      Guatemala   Ruanda

90.00 TL
Ex Tax: 90.00 TL

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